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Zoe Aug 25 '21

Tibetan men's clothing is basically the same everywhere, and it is characterized by hypertrophy. Wear felt top hats or fur hats. The hats have many styles, flared, and have front tongues or double tongues. Some of them are embossed with gold silk and are dazzling. Some fur hats are sewn with fox fur. , Wearing a short coat on the inside, a large-collared open right-hand side, and a long robe without buttons. Tibetan mens clothing is called "Chuba" in Tibetan. It is longer than the body. The waistband, and then stretched out the head, so that the upper part of the "chuba" sags, the waist can store things; the waistband is a wide woolen belt woven in red or other colors, and some are beautifully decorated wide belts with pockets, which can hold coins, etc. Valuables, some even have amulets of Buddha statues; underneath they wear long trousers and boots made of leather or pulu.

Tibetan men began to grow long hair at the age of 16 or 17, put red silk thread on the top of the head after combing the braids, hanging the silk thread ears behind the right ear, and covering the silk thread braids with ivory hoops, jade rings and silver ornaments studded with coral, agate and other jewels. . This kind of red tassel headwear is divided into three kinds of red tassel headwear, single headband, double headband and triple headband. Hats include felt hats, fox fur hats, red tasseled hats (called "songsha" in Tibetan) and gold-rimmed hats.